Turismo de Aventura en Valle sagrado


We offer short and long routes, cross the territory of the Sacred Valley, including lagoons, Inca sites of high level and very few known ways Incas scaled and straightsalt mines, with different levels of demand for people with experience and no experience. As connoisseurs of our region, we want to make your experience in the Sacred Valley an unforgettable adventure. If walking is involved.

Our tours include private tourist transport needed to carry and pick from the hotel where they are, to the starting point of our adventure, Included:

First aid kit, adventure guide English, Spanish, snack, box lunch, porters.


We will visit the picturesque town of Chinchero, then we will tour the archaeological site of Chinchero, then to complete this circuit. Begin a descent down a spectacular Inca road paved dare a forest ravine, comes to the Sacred Valley. From the way we will appreciate a stunning view of the mountains of the valley with a panoramic view of this beautiful valley. This route we do is part of the network of Inca roads that our ancestors have left us. Having gone a long stretch of this, we turn down a path that will make us reach one of the few places in the Valley disseminated. A wáter fall call locals Poc Poc. Which will give us a few minutes of relaxation, and then take the path that will make us reach the people of Urquillos where our shuttle arrived to pick them up. We not recommended for people with knee problems.

Duration: Total time from the Sacred Valley: 4 to 5 hours

Walking Time: 3 hours

Degree of difficulty: Medium

Height range: 3700 – 2900 m

It Includes: snack, guide, private transport.




Begin the walk Moray Andean Laboratory and experimental center, then a path of mostly downhill slopes to the village of Maras and the salt mines and ending in the Sacred Valley. This journey shows stunning views of the mountain range of Urubamba Sacred Valley: Glacial, beautiful farmland, the river breeze that reaches this point, cooled by the mountains surrounding the eye carrier.

Duration: from the Sacred Valley: 5 hours

Walking Time: 4 hours

Degree of difficulty: Medium

Height range: 3500 – 2800 m

It Includes: Snack, guide, private transportation.

Tickets not included.



It is an Inca town in the heart of the mountains of the Sacred Valley. We leave a farming community chinchero village on the shores of Lake Piuray (40 minutes by private transport Urubamba), we go through an Inca trail in height surrounded by own landscapes of the Andes, with long slopes up and down, to through the Andes Mountains. We show the route icy climates and vegetation watching animals from the area to go down gradually find ourselves canyons formed by water fall, reaching Huchuy Qosqo, one of the most important Inca ruins and breathtaking views Urubamba sacred valley, arriving at the site chosen by our ancestors briefly visit the place, and then descend to the Sacred Valley and take the shuttle to leave us to our hotel.

Duration: total since Sacred Valley: 7 to 8 hours

Walking Time: 4 to 5 hours

Degree of difficulty: High

Height Range: 3700 – 4200 – 2900 m

Includes: Box lunch, guide, private tourist transport,Entries.



We headed to the community of Socma, located 1 hr from the Urubamba city,  which we will move into a private car to start this adventure, we can access with car, for it anyway we must walk an average of 20 minutes after the vehicle left we take to reach this beautiful spot in the, we see growing areas, streams, abundant water coming down from the waterfall. Finally, on top of the mountains we will see an archeological site of the same name of this community.

Duration: Total time from the Sacred Valley: 3 – 4 hours

Walking Time: 1 hour

Degree of difficulty: Medium

Height Range: 2900 – 3700 msnm

It Includes: snack, guide, private transportation.



We begin with the gathering of Urubamba hotel in private transportation, professional guide.

Heading to the Puma Huanca community, to get there we start our little bed for Inca trail where we see different varieties of plants and a beautiful river all the way, passing bridges made of wood, then to get to the ruins will give a brief history and enjoy our lunch box.

After enjoying our walk we return to Urubamba.

It Includes:

Professional guide, private transportation
Box lunch, first aid kit

Bring water, cane
Sportswear, caps or hats, goggles


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